Give Your Effort- NGO & Charity WordPress Theme

Works to Bring Happiness

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The ultimate green colored WordPress theme for NGO & Charity sites, featuring

  • 1-Click Installation Process
  • 100% Responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • Extensive Admin Panel
  • Much more!!

1. Hosting Requirements

We are using the most standard hosting set ups for testing our themes; however you have to ensure that you’re hosting match with the following requirements:

  1. PHP5 version
  2. upload_max_file size at least 10MB
  3. Notices & Warnings are turned off
  4. Memory limit set up at least 64MB
  5. PHP5 GD library installed
  6. We also recommend mod_rewrite enabled
  7. Ensure to check that you have permissions to write to theme folder

2. Instructions About Theme Installation

2.1 You have to install theme through standard way through WordPress admin panel.

  1. Navigate to "Appearance -> Themes -> Install Themes"
  2. Click on Upload.
  3. Now, select your theme from WP folder that is included in the Zip file you purchased.
  4. Click on Install Now.
  5. Once theme successfully installed, click on “Activate”
  6. [notification type="attention"] uncheck in Settings > Media option: Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders, if you want to import media for default content. Media for default content should be directly in Uploads folder.[/notification]

Theme Installation

Theme Installation

Theme Installation

2.2 How to Import Default Content?

We recommend to importing default content for faster site development. In Default content, you will see all page layouts, shortcodes and other post types.

  • If you want to import it, you can have to navigate Tools -> Import -> WordPress -> Upload file and import.
  • Now, select a file called defaultcontent-export.xml and click on “Upload file” and import.
  • Before running import, we are recommending you to install Contact Form 7 plug-in
  • This will help you to import contact form examples.

Note: Use this plugin WordPress Importer for importing content.

3. How to set to Homepage and Blog?

Ensure to select a homepage and posts page for your theme to work it properly.

  1. Please create a new page in case you haven’t uploaded our default content. Additionally, you can edit the existing homepage that we given in default content.
  2. Choose Homepage Template layout for the page that should become your homepage. You don’t require setting up Template, if you don’t find "Template" option or dropdown that doesn’t have Homepage template.
  3. Now, navigate Admin -> Settings -> Reading and set a static Front page & Posts page . See image below

Theme Installation

  1. All the things that you want to set up can be done through Event in section. Click on “Events” option to see the list of events.
  2. You can add new Event by going through “Add Event” option. Now, add necessary items, including title, tags, description, post and other things. You can also add Media through “Add Media” option available below the title. Comment section is also available to allow or disallow comments.

Theme Installation

Theme Installation

5. Set up PayPal account and manage users

"Registration form" for users / visitors is included in Directory WordPress Theme that can be easily connected to PayPal. Your users have to make registration to your portal and have to add their items like company, organization, profile etc.

Go through Directory WP Theme in Admin and connect Your PayPal account. In case of "AIT Dashboard", go through "General Settings" and select Accounts from the menu.

You have to set up all the information regarding PayPal account like API username, currency, API environment and many other things in Section PayPal System.

For more information, visit this tutorial

Note: Ensure to enable PayPal system to buy packages for purchasing packages. In case, you forget to choose enable, visitors will register and add items for free

    Choose two options in the section PayPal API Enviroment:

  1. Virtual Enviroment for testing - for more info check
  2. Live (Real) Enviroment

See the below image to set up various accounts with different number of products and prices, account capabilities and expiration date.

6. How to Create Custom Menus?

  1. First of all, click on “Appearance” and choose sub-option “Menus”.
  2. Select items such as pages, categories or custom links from left side and add to Main menu or Footer menu.
  3. Once items added use drag and drop for individual products. For unveiling additional configuration options, you have to click each item separately.
  4. After finishing creating custom menu, remember to click the Save Menu button.
  5. It is necessary to define the importance of menu that what becomes your Primary menu and Footer menu. Such things can be set in “Theme Locations” box available on the left side of Menu page.
  6. You can also change link address through “Custom Link” option.

Theme Installation

Go to Appearance Option>> Theme Option to change theme.

Header Settings

  • In Header Settings option, you can change logo by uploading image.
  • ON/Off Display Donation Option, Show Search Option
  • You can change Favicon icon by uploading image.
  • You can change header style.
  • Once everything completed, click “Save All Changes” option.

Theme Installation

General Settings

Manage your Main layout and add Google Analytics codes or other for SEO purpose.

  • ON/Off Display Slider Option.
  • Change Images, description, give link to image through Slider options.

Theme Installation

Footer Settings

Upload Logo and Display Newsletter with Footer text

Theme Installation

Styling Options

Change Theme Layout, Background Images, Header Background Color, Footer Background Color, Layout Color Skins, Body Font in this section.

You can also add Custom CSS by adding some CSS in this box.

Theme Installation

Display Option:

Display Testimonials numbers and Events through this option to show testimonials.

Theme Installation

Social Media:

Manage your Social Media Accounts like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook in this option.

Theme Installation

Gallery Setting:

Add unlimited pictures in the gallery with title and description through this section. You can also arrange images through drag and drop sorting.

Theme Installation

Backup and Restore Options:

Click on ‘Backup option’ to back up the whole theme and restore with ‘Restore Options’

Theme Installation

8. How to Install Required Plug-ins?

Click on “Plug-in” then “Install Plug-ins” to add essential plug-ins according to your requirement. You can also view list of plug-ins through plug-in section to activate or deactivate them.

9. How to Set Up Contact Form?

  1. To install this plugin go to Plugins>> Add new and type into search bar Contact Form 7 and click to Install Now. Now, Click on “Activate” option and see the new menu section that created on the left side. It will be “Contact”
  2. If you are finding our contact form same (see the demo site) then you can also install Really Simple CAPTCHA plug-in. Insert the code that we have use code. Ensure to add it into Form box in Contact settings page
  3. <p>Your Name (required)
    [text* your-name] </p>

    <p>Your Email (required)
    [email* your-email] </p>

    [text your-subject] </p>

    <p>Your Message
    [textarea your-message] </p>

    <p>[submit "Send"]</p>

  4. Once you have created contact form, you can simple add it into any page with simple contact-form shortcode:

10. Advanced users : Editing HTML files

Are you an advanced user? Would you like to edit HTML directly? Use MVC architecture for editing HTML as it allows to separate HTML content from standard WordPress PHP files. Get HTML templates folder ./Templates and CSS is in file style.less.css.