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Nopcommerce Background Video Banner

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This Background Video Banner Module is easy and simple way to Upload a video or a You-tube Video as background play.

Compatible with:
  • NopCommerce Versions:
  • 3.40 & 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80

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Background Video Banner is a powerful module for any of your nopcommerce based store, that will display your Video on home page as a background. All the features being manageable from back-end makes this tiny module an elegant one in the market. Below mentioned are few of its feature which are remarkable:

    1) Upload Video
    2) Add You-tube Video
    3) Auto-play Control
    4) Caption Control
    5) Loop control
    6) Audio mute control
    7) Overlay color code/name control
    8) Transparency control of Overlay color
    9) Parallax effect
    10) Supports responsive design
    11) Fallback image provision

Installation Steps :
Installation & Configuration

Upload Files & Installing the plugin
Step 1: Just copy the stuff from the source and drop it directly on your Plugins directory of Website.
Step 2: Now login to website and go to Administration area. Go to Configuration menu and select Plugins option, you will find Reload list of plugins button on the right hand side, click it and it will reload list of plugins and now you will Store Locator plugin in the list.
Step 3: Click Install button for Background Video Banner plugin and it will install the plugin for you.

Enabling the Plugin
Now to enable plugin, click edit button and check the is enabled ? check box, now your plugin is enabled and you can access it on the front-end.

Configuring the Plugin
To configure the plugin, click Configurebutton and it will take you to Plugin Configuration Page, which contains two sections.

I) Video Banner Listing :
Along with listing of Video Banners, it contains button to Add Video Banner.
So to add Video Banner, select Add Video Banner button and it will open popup window where you can fill video banner details and submit the form and it will update the Banner List.
Same way, you can update existing Video Banner by clicking Edit button for specific row and then update the details you want to update.

II) Setting :
In setting tab, you can control following plugin related settings.
    a) Caption : Check this checkbox if you want to show caption on background video.
    b) Auto Play Video : This is for auto playing the video, check it for Auto Play.
    c) Video Loop : This is for Video Loop, check this if you want video in loop.
    d) Audio Muted : This is for muting the audio, please check the checkbox if you want to mute the audio.
    e) Overlay Color Code : Color code for video overlay.
    e) Overlay Color Opacity : Opacity for video overlay.

Uninstall :
If you just need to temporary disable the extension, then you can just untick the Is Enabled check box in the Edit Plugin page.
If you want to uninstall the plugin, then select Uninstall option for Video Banner and it will uninstall the plugin.

Plugin Front :
Your selected video will be set as your home page background.

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