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Advanced Storelocator nopCommerce

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Store Locator Plugin for nopcommerce allow you to add and manage store locations and other information that makes easy for users to search and locate your store on a Google Map. It is using Google Maps and is perfect for stores, distributors, dealers etc.
Compatible with:
  • NopCommerce Versions:
  • 3.40 & 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80
  • *One time installation

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  • Description
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Advance Store Locator is facilitated with below mentioned features.

1. Get List of all the available stores on store front-end.
2. Simply store search result by allowing customer locate your store by
    a) Country
    b) State
    c) City
    d) Zip code
3. Ease customer pain by providing 'Get Directions feature which provides your customer with following beautiful features.
    a) Path they need to follow in order to reach their destination.
    b) Approximate time taken to reach to their destination.
    c) Click read
4. Upload locator marker image from back-end for each store location.
5. Upload the store image from back-end.
6. Can Import store location(s) in xls file format
7. Can set Google API key.
8. SEO friendly URLs and meta tags for SEO
9. Easy to install and configure.
10. User friendly Interface.
11. Neat and clean, full responsive design

Installation Steps :
Installation & Configuration

Upload Files & Installing the plugin
Step 1: Just copy the stuff from the source and drop it directly on your Plugins directory of Website.
Step 2: Now login to website and go to Administration area. Go to Configuration menu and select Plugins option, you will find Reload list of plugins button on the right hand side, click it and it will reload list of plugins and now you will Store Locator plugin in the list.
Step 3: Click Install button for Store Locator plugin and it will install the plugin for you.

Enabling the Plugin
Now to enable plugin, click edit button and check the is enabled ? check box, now your plugin is enabled and you can access it on the front-end.

Configuring the Plugin
To configure the plugin, click Configurebutton and it will take you to Plugin Configuration Page, which contains two sections.

I) Store Location Listing :
Along with listing of Stores Locations, it contains buttons to Add Store Location, Import data from Excel file and Link to download Sample Excel file.
So to add Store Location, select Add Store Locationbutton and it will open popup window where you can fill store location details and submit the form and it will update the Store List.
Same way, you can update existing Store Location by clicking Edit button for specific row and then update the details you want to update.

II) Setting :
In setting tab, you can set up center point for your store, so when you are adding any new Store Location then your Google Map will be set according to that center point.

Uninstall :
If you just need to temporary disable the extension, then you can just untick the Is Enabled check box in the Edit Plugin page.
If you want to uninstall the plugin, then select Uninstall option for Store Locator and it will uninstall the plugin.

Plugin Front :
Click All Shops options to view all store locations and it will display all the shops on Google Map as well in the list.

Shops Filters :
You can filter shops by Country, State, City and Zip code and both Google Map and Shop listing will be filtered on that base.

Read More :
For more details about specific shop as well as for directions to that shop, use Read More option.
For Directions to Shop, you first need to set your location on the map, you can do that by just entering text in Search Textboxand it will display your location on the map and display the route on the Google Map as well Steps to follow for the shop.

Change Your Location On Map :
You can change you location on the map by just dragging the pin to any location on map and then click Show Directions link and it will redraw the route on the steps as well as show you the steps to follow for the shop.

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