Jewellery Template

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Jewellery Theme is gorgeously designed to provide your Jewellery based store a stylish look for quickly attracting your spectators to visit your store. Beside this it is full- fledged with multiple features which adds to its beauty.

This theme comes with complete viability with all the theme layouts like one column, two columns and three columns. This template is compatible with all the desktop browsers and has the latest version

Why Jewellery Template?

Jewellery Theme provides you various fantastic and easy to manage functionalities that enhances your site views. In addition to this the theme provides your store a descent look which is very much today's trend. It is a perfect theme for almost all stores that involve lady concerns � like cosmetics, perfumes, handbags, costumes, accessories, gifts, cards etc. Every particular of Jewellery Theme has been deliberately designed to maintain neat and clean look. Special care has been taken while adding each feature � for shopping cart, checkout, wish-list, custom pages etc to give you high conversion rates, while retaining the whole great design.

Prominent Features of Jewellery Template

1.   Easy Admin Managable Multiple Backgound Images with Fading Effect
2.   Attractively designed Top Menu
3.   Dynamic Content Banner Management
4.   Side Bar Flaps for easy visibility
5.   Ajax Add-to-Cart, Add-to-Wish list and Add-to-Compare
6.   Ajax paging and Ajax layered navigation
7.   Quick View For Product with Slider
8.   Beautiful Store Locator with amazing features
9.   Efficient Cloud Zooming effect with light-box slider
10.   Next-Previous Product on Product Details Page
11.   Easy to manage Easy-Tabs
12.   Press Integration
13.   Admin Managable Back To Top navigation
14.   Powerful Admin controls
15.   User friendly Interface
16.   Easy to install and configure
17.   Admin Smart Menu Support
18.   Cross Browser support(IE 8+,Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)


Follow this steps for installation & configuration of Jewellery Template

Download and Extract

Download and unzip the also put into your root/ directory.


After successfull database import - Please follow the instructions noted below to configure site.
1. Edit .htaccess File located at root/.htaccess - Find RewriteBase and set the path of your root directory
[1] If root directory is located on root of hosting domain
RewriteBase /

[2] If root directory is located in sub folder magento on hosting domain
RewriteBase /magento/

2. Edit local.xml located at root/app/etc/local.xml
Set following details
Username, Password, DB Host, DB Name
3. Import database and edit table core_config_data for 2 entries, you can check the screen below - you have to edit 4 and 5 entries and edit the value field with your live server domain, Like: