About Autoparts - Custom Theme

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Do you own an autoparts shop and are craving to enter the world of international e-Commerce and drive your business to an advanced level? Don't worry. We have your solution with our 'Autoparts � Custom Theme'. A potent accent is made to grab customers attention, excellent product presentation and user-friendly navigation along with advanced search options.

Why Autoparts -Custom Theme?

Quality scrimps are always in demand, so you need an online store that provides you with all chances to become profitable, especially with a custom-friendly layout. 'Autoparts - Custom Theme' provides your store a beautiful header category navigation, lovely banner management, powerful searching options and many more exotic features that impart an expensive look to the website.

Prominent Features of Autoparts -Custom Theme

1.   Offers Ajax functionality for Add-to-Cart, Add-to-Compare-list and Add-to-Wishlist.
2.   Customers now can keep track of there cart at all times with easily noticable SideBar Flaps for Cart, Wishlist and Compare List.
3.   Easy and Quick login with Sidebar Flaps for Login/Logout.
4.   Its now easy to Contact-Us with Contact Us Sidebar Flap.
5.   Beautiful Category Specific Mega-menu.
6.   All-in-one banner which allows you to display wonderful banners with title and banner description, slide with more than
         26 sliding effects and solely clickable.
7.   Ability to search your product year wise, make wise and model wise by excellent 'Shop by Vehicle' option.
8.   ReplacementParts and PerformanceParts block to get list of top 8 best-sold autoparts.
9.   Browse by Category section on homepage provides a brief idea about your store categories.
10.  Tabs for FeaturesMake, FeaturedParts and FeaturesBrands attributes.
11.  Admin manageable Site News section.
12.  Hot Brands slider.
13.  Admin manageable dynamic footer banner.
14.  Back To Top functionality.
15.  Categories Accordion on Catalog Front-end.
16.  Product QuickView helps to get to your product quickly.
17.  Product Cloud Zoom along with slider offering profound enlarge image.
18.  Easy tabs on product details page.
19.  Can be easily converted into multiple language, can access multiple store and use multiple currency.
20.  Full Responsive which adapting display to all devices
21.  Cross-browser support feature with Magento V1.8.0.
22.  Simple to Install & Configure.


Follow this steps for installation & configuration of Autoparts - Custom Theme

Download and Extract

Download and unzip the autoparts.zip also put into your root/ directory.


After successfull database import - Please follow the instructions noted below to configure site.
1. Edit .htaccess File located at root/.htaccess - Find RewriteBase and set the path of your root directory
[1] If root directory is located on root of hosting domain
RewriteBase /

[2] If root directory is located in sub folder magento on hosting domain
RewriteBase /magento/

2. Edit local.xml located at root/app/etc/local.xml
Set following details
Username, Password, DB Host, DB Name
3. Import database and edit table core_config_data for 2 entries for path feild - 'web/unsecure/base_url' and 'web/secure/url'. Edit the value field with your live server domain, Like: http://localhost/